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Alberta’lyn “Lyn” Smith married young, chasing the picture-perfect Christian family she'd always dreamed of. But through four painful marriages plagued by infidelity and abuse, Lyn learned the hard way that relationships alone couldn’t provide the meaning and fulfillment she truly longed for.

Lyn's heartfelt memoir is a beacon of hope for every woman who has ever felt adrift in the turbulent seas of love and faith. From the youthful dreams of marriage to the painful realities of divorce, Lyn's journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of God's love. 

With raw honesty and profound wisdom, she shares her successful disasters, leading you on a path to healing and back to your first true love: God.

After years of trauma and heartbreak, a broken Lyn turned to God and began the journey of healing and restoration she desperately needed. She discovered that the unconditional love, grace, and purpose she'd been searching for were available all along through her personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Lyn's powerful memoir weaves Scripture, personal experience, and Godly wisdom into an inspiring testament to God's redemption. Let her story of tragedy and triumph lead you beyond shattered dreams to embrace the full, beautiful life Jesus promises. 

It's time to stop searching aimlessly and step into the purpose God has for you.

Join Lyn as she walks alongside you, offering insights, reflections, and the promise of a love that transcends all earthly bonds. This book is not just a story; it's a lifeline, a hand reaching out to pull you from the depths of despair into the embrace of The Love that never fails.

"I Just Wanted to Be a Wife" is more than a memoir; it's a journey towards finding true fulfillment in God. Let Lyn's story resonate with your struggles and inspire you to embrace the love that awaits.*1650905742680*1650885845264*divider*svg?alt=media&token=c1121872-6d10-4f57-8d7d-4ffca8051abe

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